back to the futurelab…mobile phones

FutureLab are located in Bristol, UK and are Awesome!*Here are some of their projects, relevant to our goals.

01_Mobimissions (locative)


The MobiMissions project develops a mobile phone experience for young people aged 16-18, which enables them to engage with their environment and community in a new way. Players can create a mission on their mobile phone and can attach information and content to it. The mission can then be dropped from their phone into the local phone cell where it will remain until discovered by another player. The idea of the MobiMissions project is that the players set each other ‘missions’, leaving them in a particular cell. Players wandering into that particular cell are able to see any missions left there and decide whether to accept them.More…


02_Newtoon (making games)
Newtoon is a mobile phone and web activity which aims to embed physics learning in mobile gaming. It enables young people to author, play, edit and share fast-paced microgames for their mobile phones, where game rules are based on a set of Newtonian physics principles.

Newtoon consists of two main parts – the ‘microlab’ allows teachers to demonstrate and explain physics principles, and the ‘microgame’ allows pupils and teachers to create their own games based on these principles. The games can then be downloaded onto mobile phones and shared around the classroom and beyond. Users are encouraged to share their games with others, and add to each other’s games – building on others’ knowledge and practice in an iterative design process. Players in the web application can switch from playing to creating, with the aim of transforming the gaming environment into a construction kit of physics topics. As the online collection of experimental games grows, young people are encouraged to become a community of physics learners. More…

similar project by futurelab is astroversity



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