back to the futurelab…PDA’s+handhelds

These projects, require special equipment such as PDA’s or phones that have GPS technology



create-a-scape is a mediascape: A mediascape is composed of sounds and images placed outside in your local area. To see the images and hear the sounds you need a handheld computer (PDA) and a pair of headphones. An optional GPS unit can automatically trigger the images and sounds in the right places.

To create a mediascape, you start with a digital map of your local area. Using special, free software, you can attach digital sounds and pictures to places that you choose on the map. By going outside into the area the map covers, you can experience the mediascape. Using the handheld computer and headphones, you can hear the sounds and see the pictures in the places the author of the mediascape has put them. More…

02_ Space Signpost: Welcome to the Neighbourhood

Space Signpost:Welcome to the Neighbourhood is a new approach to the public understanding of science that allows people to explore the solar system while standing in a city street. Users control a moving signpost that points to objects in the solar system tracking them as they move across the sky, displaying their name and their exact distance from the sign’s location with an electronic display. More…


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