De Waag

Everything in De Waag started with the Reatime project ( check the geocaching category), and then came Frequency 1550…

01_Frequency 1550


In collaboration with a local school, The Waag Society in Amsterdam has developed a concept for a ‘mobile learning game’.

The game is designed for students in the age of 11-12 and employ mobile phones and GPS-technology to examine whether it’s possible to provide an educational location-based experience.

In the Frequency 1550 mobile game, students are transported to the medieval Amsterdam of 1550 via mobile phone. The story goes that De Waag specialists have noted that the Amsterdam UMTS-network is magically interfering with a different time period: the medieval era. A recording is made of the medieval city’s bailiff getting in contact with the here and now: 21st century Amsterdam. Through some technical difficulties and religious misunderstandings he mistakes the intruders to be pilgrims coming to 1550 Amsterdam to visit the special relic: the Holy Host associated with The Miracle of Amsterdam. Because it recently got lost he suggests a deal: he can provide easy access to citizenship if we can help him retrieve the holy relic. The students take up their roles as competing pilgrims and thus step into the game’s story.

For one to two days, they roam through the city in small groups, using GPS to know their own positions as well as other players or objects. The students – or players – will need to demonstrate their knowledge of medieval Amsterdam by doing location-based media-assignments on the city’s history and get to the relic. More…

De Waag is currently develloping their new educational locative game, based on Frequency 1550, called ‘game atelier


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