Here is the work of HotRocket, its online gaming but easily could involve mobile phones and so on, since the concept is based on collecting locative or online information.



This is one of my favorites since it goes one step further than the MIT projects, that focus on the real world recources to solve a problem. In CIE agents, there is a backround narrative that allows gameplay to be somehow unpredictable. More precisely, in the beginning the mission seems simple and the resources available, but as soon as you get deeper into the game you enter new situations and find yourself fighting against something that is not so clear, time.

The Central Institute for Exploration (C.I.E.) follows the inner workings of a secret kids-only agency dedicated to exploring the past, present and future. When four C.I.E. Agents suddenly go missing, it’s up to the audience to work together to unravel a series of clues transmitted via mobile phones, websites, blogs, podcasts, and video.

Five years ago, internal struggles led to the decomissioj of all CIE agents. But, some of the agents remained secretly active, waiting for the right kids who would revive the agency. In time, these kids were identified by the agents to trail online and offline clues that led to the CIE. Among the clues was a set of mysterious packs that bore the eblem of the agency. While the new agents, tested this equipment, something went wrong and four recruits went missing, trapped in a different time.

It is now left to the community, to figure out how to work together to help the lost agents return by uncovering clues, breaking codes, and researching solutions. A set of experts is available to help, including the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology in Alberta, Canada as well as using online resources like

As the game progress, the initial goal of bringing back to time the four missing agents is replaced by a new mission : locate all rogue agents, explore and restore time. More…



I m writing about this project, because I like the visuals (!) and the idea that you move around the neighbourhood playing mini games.

‘StreetSmarts is an online game featuring a virtual neighborhood where kids could explore, play mini games, earn “Street Cents”, and improve their “StreetWise” character rating by interacting with other characters in the neighborhood.learn more…


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