street games-stands

Here are some mobile phone projects that use either the flash mob culture, stands and public performance.

01_Mobile Geographies @ Parsons (Hanuman Theater by Diana Baltazar, Lihn Pham and Marcus Pingel), 2006

  Mobile Geographies is a collaboration project that aims to create a platform for the production and dissemination of geo-tagged urban information. Hanuman Theater is an interactive show proposed for the most celebrated and the last surviving tamasha theater in Bombay.   This mobile phone driven intervention allows audience members to influence the performance through text messaging. The rules go as following. Firstly, players are assigned of “housie” number . Whenever their housie number is called by the moderator players have to make a choice through  a content menu they have received via SMS in their mobile phone. The word they choose, will then appear under a projected image, calling the actors  to improvise. The result is a hilarious interactive stand up comedy…


02_Asphalt games by Intel Research, 2003

Asphalt games, is based on techniques for improvisational theater games, game moves (“stunts”). Stunts have three components: an object, an action, and a theme. The stunt generation engine randomly selects these components from a database and sends a combination to the player, who may then “roll again” until an exciting combination presents itself. An object can be any item often found in a city, such as coffee cups, newspapers, and fire hydrants. An action can be any traditional American outdoor game such as hopscotch, hide-and-go-seek, and tag. A theme is an event or situation prevalent in metropolitan life, such as “happy hour”, “vice”, or “hailing a cab.” It is a wild card altering the interpretation of the other components. the gameplay goes as following, each stunt is associated with a node, which is the street corner in New York where the stunt took place. Nodes are marked on the virtual map with their owners’ tags. Stunts are always situated within a specific neighborhood or even street corner, so they must be judged in context. Players document their stunts through digital photographs uploaded to the website. The photographs and accompanying description inspire community ratings. Players may only rate a stunt once, but they can comment as much as they like. Team that has the more ratings wins.

What I find interesting about asphalt games is the fact that players choose their own action, from tag to hiding…In a way they choose their own core mechanic, thus in a way they create their own game within the game.



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