google_mobile_mashup blogs

01_Bliin, Selene & Stef Kolman, Amsterdam


Bliin is a great mashup of google maps and mobile blogging- something like twitter but better;) The idea is that you create your user page and upload photos from your mobile phone. Users can also tag locations and chat with their friends.

Green blinking icons are LIVE! users. You can zoom in to follow them or click their user names to view their shares. Blue popups are shares created by LIVE! users, at locations where you see them. Click them for more detail or add comments.
The basic navigation of bliin is embedded in the bliin dial in the top left corner. Take it for a spin, let us know what you think.

The software for bliin is free- so you can download POCKETbliin & bliinGPSXS … once you log in and create an account.


similar projects..



02_ socialight, is the American version of Bliin, uses the google-map instead of google-satellite and sticky notes to tag the spaces you want to share with your friends

03_also neighborhood sharing blog like dodgeball and

04_Urban tapestries in UK ,

05_oh and Parsons Linh Pham’s thesis- mobilicious


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