street games-graffiti

01_Remote Garden, Thesis @ Parsons, Jennifer Williams, 2007


A public projection of a playful chat room that uses mobile phones and text messaging for users to interact.

User scenario :

1) Overhead projection on to the floor or on to the street

2)The projection divides the site into six areas, labeled by letters

3)Users can send the message in one of these areas by formatting the message in this way “Message. Area, Manerism”, e.g.Hi, B, shy

4)upon sending a message a small creature appears on the projection, moving towards the area the user specified in the text message

5)then it displays the message and mannerism


02_Tag, Scripting Presence, Thesis @ Parsons Amy Hung, 2003


Similar project, where interaction is more game-like and players are challenged to play battles for a location-node that has been tagged by another player-

User scenario
1) Player Buckshot joins by text messaging his name and cellphone service carrier code to ‘s telephone number at 646.249.2712

2)Challenging the tag

[challenger]—Player Buckshot battles for the tag at Node 1 by text messaging “BTL 1”.

[tagger]—Node 1’s tagger, Cat, receives a message from informing that her tag has been challenged by player Buckshot & asking if she will defend it

3) Challenging the node—Player Buckshot triumphs in the text battle* and wins the tag at Node 1. His tag displays at the node


03_Grafedia, John Geraci, ITP


In the same mood, grafedia is a quite famous project here among the Parsons people , so I ll keep this short, since there is no game involved. Yet, its absolutely inspiring regarding how to combine technology(phones) and a physical use of the urban space (graffiti).

‘Grafedia is hyperlinked text, written by hand onto physical surfaces and linking to rich media content – images, video, sound files, and so forth. It can be written anywhere – on walls, in the streets, or on sidewalks. Grafedia can also be written in letters or postcards, on the body as tattoos, or anywhere you feel like putting it. Viewers “click” on these grafedia hyperlinks with their cell phones by sending a message addressed to the word + “” to get the content behind the link.’ More…


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