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I was first going to write about the 42 entertainment I love bees project, and the vanishing point
but apparently, there are many schools participating in this one, so here ya go, since the first of May 2007, there is World without Oil going on (great use of any kind of online networking tools):


  • Find your city on a map and check resources, prices and so on on that spot
  • Once you’ve seen the prices, and the news reports, and other people’s stories about their experiences of the new reality, tell us how the oil shortfall is affecting you, your family, and your school. Are there things that you are doing differently? Or can no longer do? What is happening to the quality of your life? How do you expect things to change in the future? What things can your class do as a group to help?
  • To document your report you can use any medium- post your report online in a blog or MySpace page, or upload it to a photo service such as Flickr or a video service such as YouTube. The easiest ways to prepare your report are to write an email or to call our number and leave a message, or upload from you-tube, blogging, podcasts, and your MOBILE.
  • The more effort you put in your report, e.g. a group report or a news-like video the more influence you get in the WWO panel
  • Moreover, you can create missions for other groups to fulfill or participate in them, more…
  • Rewarding comes from voting, as in most social network platforms.

02_42 entertainment


Vanishing point, i m pretty sure everyone knows about this project so i ll be short- what is great is that in a way- you have puzzle capsules, boxes,( tool-kits? ) that you have to unlock in order to move further in the game and locate the games main character. more…


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