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newish media-toolkit-software

Here are two projects by Newish media, Scoot-team in Australia, to be launched 2007

01_ Cipher Cities


This is a Digital Social Network with simple web tools for individuals and groups to create their own mobile events and event journals. More…



Inspired by SCOOT,(see previous post) the MiLK system is custom made for schools. MiLK is basically a set of simple web interfaces that enable individuals (teachers and students) to design and populate there very own mobile games. The milk-building interfaces are designed to work like a simple series of storyboards with areas to upload images and write SMS text. Once the game designers have submitted their final designs, the storyboard content is dynamically sent to registered users mobile phones in a sequence and style the designers have planned. All communications are then stored and displayed on the students milk-journal for later reflection. The milk-journal is a web page generated by the Milk system and password protected. Students can add comments, upload images, send it SMS and MMS messages and share it with other group members. The teachers are also able to track these activities and set some specific assessment tasks.


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Scooty-scoot (…)

Scoot, Created by Debra Polson, Melbourne


SCOOT is a treasure hunt using SMS to help guide as you seek out clues, games and creatures across some Melbourne sites. In the (lovely) Scoot world, there are three groups of creatures the s’avatars, the pesky ones and the ghost agents.

The S’Avatars once lived in SCOOT World in peace until the Pesky Ones arrived with their dodgy carnival games. Now the Pesky Ones are planning to come to our World through the Ghost Tunnels. This can only mean trouble. As an Agent of SCOOT, you will collaborate with the S’Avatars to find their carnival games and foil their Pesky plans. Moreover you will have to collaborate with the ghost agents; these are Agents that have helped the Savatars in the past. You may need their help along the way. This is not the first time the Pesky Ones have tried to bring their dodgy Carnival to your World. There is evidence that long ago in the history of your world, others like you have been trapped in the Mid World by the Pesky Ones. This will not happen again as you have improved technologies (your mobile phone) to communicate with us without going into the Ghost tunnels.

Each creature has special features. A reputation, a favorite friend, whereabouts and a special feature, e.g. can be in one or more places in the Mid world. This will influence strategy while you move forward into the game. As an Agent of SCOOT, you will…

1) Play games in SCOOT World (a computer game) where you can also chat with other Agents and customise your own S’Avatar disguise…
2)Go on a SMS treasure hunt that leads you to interactive games in Melbourne Museums and Galleries…
3)Learn lots of interesting facts about the sites and the wonderful treasures there…
4)Encounter stories of SCOOT creatures displayed on lots of screens along the way.

Ghost Tunnels: they are the links between SCOOT World and Your world. The Pesky Ones have used them to travel between worlds. But the tunnels are very unstable and are causing damage to the worlds they connect.

The Mid World: this is the middle place between SCOOT and our world. Some of the Agents are waiting there to help you. But is also where the Pesky Ones are hiding. You will find many windows to the Mid World in your world. They may look like TVs, plasma, computers etc! Watch out for them!

World Windows: Some screens in your world act as windows to the Mid World. In these windows you will find Agents, Pesky Ones, and messages from the Savatars.

Agents of SCOOT: If you register, you will become a special Agent of SCOOT. You may encounter other Agents along the way that have just joined the Mission.

The SBN: the SCOOT Broadband Network. This is the special channel that the Savatars may use to send you informations on various objects… including World Windows, carnival boxes and your mobile phone


….learn more

how to play


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street games-scavenger hunt

Probably the second most popular genre of mobile street games after tag, scavenger hunt fits the idea of unfolding an urban narrative guided through a play that makes use of mobile devices and role playing. You are the detective!!yay

01_Uncle Roy All Around You , Blast Theory, UK 2003

Uncle Roy All Around You is a game played online in a virtual city and on the streets of an actual city. Online Players and Street Players collaborate to find Uncle Roy’s office before being invited to make a year long commitment to a total stranger.Gameplay: Street Players buy a ticket and then are shown to the registration desk. They have their photo taken and hand over all their possessions: phone, purse, bag, loose change, etc. The Street Player receives a unique code, which they enter into their handheld computer thus triggering the 60 minute countdown to begin.Having been told they must meet Uncle Roy within 60 minutes, Street Players take their handheld device out onto the streets. Their device shows a map and the names and positions of Online Players. Once outside, they receive a message from Uncle Roy asking them to meet him in a specific location. Each time they ‘meet’ Uncle Roy, he gives a task and a new location. Once the street players confirm they are standing on a specific location, their avatar appears on the map.Online players, are watching street players avatars appearing on the virtual map. (see also mogi mogi). Selecting a Street Player’s card allows the Online Player to send private messages to the Street Player. The Street Player can record audio replies or ignore these messages. Only the most recent audio message from each Street Player is available: a new message ‘overwrites’ the previous one.Through collaboration of online and street players, street players move towards Uncle Roy’s office. Once they have reachedg the office…Online Players are informed that the Street Player is in the office and are invited to join them. Once in the virtual office, they see the Street Player on a live web cam. The Online player is asked a series of questions culminating in: “Somewhere in the game there is a stranger who is also answering these questions. Are you willing to make a commitment to that person that you will be available for them if they have a crisis? The commitment will last for 12 months and, in return, they will commit to you for the same period.” The street player is asked to move to a phone box outside the office and then answer the same question. If both agree a white limousine is waiting to take the street player to his/hers online match. More…Similar project by blast theory is -àI like Frank in Adelaide , where players at the streets and online collaborate in order to locate Frank.

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